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Articles / Updates

Advantix Systems awarded 2011 AHR Expo Innovation Award
NVESD nominated for 33rd Annual Secretary of the Army Energy & Water Management Award

Legislation / incentives

Database of State Incentives for Renewables and Efficiency
Federal - Energy Goals and Standards for Federal Government
EPAct 05, E.O. 13123, E.O. 13423 EISA 07 Summary /Crosswalk

Product Information

Advantix Systems

Advantix Systems DuHandling, Large - Technical Specifications
Advantix Systems DuHandling, Small - Technical Specifications
Advantix Systems DuHybrid - Technical Specifications
Advantix Systems DuTreat, Large - Technical Specifications
Advantix Systems DuTreat, Small - Technical Specifications

Advantix Systems Corporate Brochure
Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning Overview
Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning for Healthcare
Reducing Energy Consumption in Ice Rinks

AtmosAir Solutions

AtmosAir 500E Product Specifications
AtmosAir 500F Product Specifications
AtmosAir D100 Product Specifications
AtmosAir FC100 Product Specifications
AtmosAir P2000 Product Specifications
AtmosAir P2002 Product Specifications
AtmosAir T400 Product Specifications
AtmosAir T400WM Product Specifications
AtmosAir P2000 Users Guide
AtmosAir P2002 Users Guide
AtmosAir T400 Tube Replacement Guide

AtmosAir Solutions Air Purification Systems And Energy Savings
AtmosAir Solutions in Healthcare Environments
AtmosAir Solutions Air Purification Systems and LEED Certification
AtmosAir Solutions for US Military Applications
AtmosAir NAHB Green Approval Certificate
AtmosAir Project Using ASHRAE 62.1 2007 IAQ Procedure
AtmosAir Solutions in School/Education Environments
Efficacy of Bi-polar Ionization on Various Pathogens
Air Purification Systems for the Grocery and Restaurant Industries
Night Vision and Electronic Sensor Directorate Case
Physics of Air Ions

E-Finity / Capstone Microturbines

C30 MicroTurbine Liquid Fuels
C30 MicroTurbine Natural Gas
C30 MicroTurbine Oil and Gas
C30 MicroTurbine Renewable Fuels
C65 MicroTurbine Liquid Fuels
C65 MicroTurbine Natural Gas
C65 MicroTurbine Oil and Gas
C65 MicroTurbine Renewable Fuels
C200 MicroTurbine Liquid Fuels
C200 MicroTurbine Natural Gas
C200 MicroTurbine Renewable Fuels
C600 MicroTurbine Liquid Fuels
C600 MicroTurbine Natural Gas
C600 MicroTurbine Renewable Fuels
C800 MicroTurbine Liquid Fuels
C800 MicroTurbine Natural Gas
C800 MicroTurbine Renewable Fuels
C1000 MicroTurbine Liquid Fuels
C1000 MicroTurbine Natural Gas
C1000 MicroTurbine Renewable Fuels

CR600 600 kW Power Package Renewable Fuels
CR800 800 kW Power Package Renewable Fuels
The Advanced Power Server Solution Catalog Structure
Secure Power – UPSource Uninterruptible Power Sources 38kVA-664kVA

Inspired Systems

Inspired Systems Introduction
Inspired System Newsletter - Summer 2010
Inspired Sys IPAS Building Automation
Inspired Systems Past Performance 2010