Makers of DuCool dehumidification and air conditioning systems. Providing innovative and energy reducing liquid desiccant cooling and dehumidification systems for industrial and commercial applications.
Produces bi-polar ionization air purification systems for commercial and residential applications. Systems virtually eliminate odors, dust, mold, bacteria and viruses in buildings and create energy saving opportunities.
Using Capstone MicroTurbines, E-Finity is dedicated to providing customers with "Green Power" Independence. Examples of their solutions include co-generation, tri-generation, stand alone power and backup power.
Provides engineered technology solutions and engineering management services (program development and management) for government, businesses and homeowners. Their unique and innovative technology solutions are focused toward the improvement of our global environment while improving clients quality of life.
Helps companies increase their use of renewable energy. Lars Energy combines experience with proven engineering practices to provide energy saving solutions, risk mitigation, project funding, and navigation of legislative/regulatory incentives.