NVESD (Night Vision and Electronic Sensor Directorate, Fort Belvoir Virginia)

NVESD Case, NVESD-Bldg 365 Comparative Analysis

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After an extensive search for a solution to indoor air quality issues in its buildings, NVESD decided to introduce AtmosAir bi-polar ionization (BPI) air purification systems. AtmosAir purifiers were installed into existing air handling units, without the knowledge of the buildings' occupants. Tests confirmed an immediate improvement in IAQ, including particulates, VOCs, bacteria, molds, pollens and other contaminants were reduced below detectable levels. Consequently, the Facilities Branch directed more than twenty NVESD lab buildings to install the AtmosAir systems. Further benefits of the AtmosAir air purifiers were observed and tested to include lower energy use and costs. In sum, by reducing the required amount of outside air to the HVAC system, test results showed a 25% reduction in the metered electricity required to condition the air.