Ions, our Atmosphere, and the Air we Breathe

Ions in Nature

Air ions are nature’s air cleaning method. In naturally pristine environments, such as at mountain elevations, air ion levels tend to be much higher than in areas that are more highly populated and industrialized, such as urban areas.

Ions Indoor

As we enter areas in which the atmosphere has become polluted, the natural supply of ions becomes exhausted in combating those pollutants. In indoor environments the problem becomes magnified. As we strive to build our homes and buildings to be more energy efficient, they allow for less natural ventilation.

We then introduce to air, which was less than perfect to begin with, all the contaminants and pollutants created by people’s activities and the materials used to build our homes and buildings, as well as the cleaning products, pesticides, etc we use to maintain our homes and buildings. This is why natural ion levels are practically non-existent in indoor environments; they have been stripped from the atmosphere by the pollutants we have created.

The AtmosAir system uses our bi-polar ionization technology to increase those levels of ions back to where nature had intended them to be. Our technology will enable you to enjoy the crisp, fresh air naturally found in mountain elevations because our bi-polar ionization allows the indoor environment the ability to do so. The AtmosAir system is harnessing nature’s powerful air cleaning method, bi-polar ionization, for use in your home or building.

Examples of Sources Which Produce Ionization Naturally:

  • Waterfalls
  • Ocean Surf
  • Indoor or Outdoor Fountains
  • Showers
  • Lightning
  • Sunlight

What is an Air Ion?

Air ions are a natural occurrence. When a sufficient enough energy source is imparted upon the atmosphere it will cause an effect on otherwise non-reactive oxygen atoms. Oxygen atoms have several layers of electrons.

An energy source can cause an oxygen atom to have an electron stripped from it. This may be the result of a waterfall or lightning storm or in the AtmosAir technology we use a process called cold plasma discharge. This is why our bi-polar ionization tubes produce no heat or emit no light. The oxygen atom, which loses an electron becomes a positive air ion and the oxygen atom which gains an electron becomes a negative air ion.

These now become reactive oxygen species and seek to interact with oppositely charged contaminants. The AtmosAir system is simply imitating nature to harness nature’s powerful air cleaning method, active oxygen.