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Capstone Turbine technology:

Capstone MicroTurbines generate electric and thermal energy

Using both maximizes efficiency and minimizes your facility's energy bills. Utilizing both energy outputs is called cogeneration or CHP: combined heat and power. Onsite CHP is far more fuel efficient and environmentally beneficial than utility power and traditional boiler methonds. The grid-parallel electricity produced lowers a facility's demand on utility power and dramatically cuts monthly power bills. The heat can be used for water/space heating and/or process heating or drying. This offsets fuel consumed by less efficient boilers or heaters. The heat output of Capstone MicroTurbines can also be used to cool your facility via absorption chilling. In summer months, your energy bills can more than triple due to higher peak power rates and increased power usage.

Capstone Turbines can also act as standby emergency generators, which can operate connected to a utility grid ( Grid Connect), or provide stand-alone power to critical loads (Dual Mode). Transition time between these two operating modes is less than 10 seconds, allowing customers to secure their critical power needs, and satisfy life safety requirements.

In addition to burning Natural Gas, Propane, Diesel, Kerosene and Liquid bio fuels, Capstone MicroTurbines can burn waste gases to create renewable power and heat. Waste material buried in landfills biodegrades over time to produce methane, carbon dioxide, and other gases. Treatment of domestic wastewater, agricultural waste and food processing waste using anaerobic digestion also produces methane and other gases. Many sites flare these waste gases; or worse yet vent them directly into the atmosphere. Methane has a greenhouse gas impact on the atmosphere that is 21 times that of carbon dioxide, and burning methane in a flare completely wastes its energy value. So the best environmental solution is to use these waste gases to generate renewable power, and Capstone MicroTurbines can do it cleanly and efficiently.

What does all this mean? E-Finity Distributed Generation and Capstone MicroTurbines can lower your monthly operating costs, reduce your carbon footprint and maintain power to life safety devices and critical loads in the event of a power failure. All this is accomplished while also maintaining the lowest overall maintenance costs and cost of ownership of any other technology. Please take a moment of your time to see our technology video below.


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