Products Overview

Advantix Systems offers three different product lines to provide energy-efficient dehumidification and cooling to all industrial and commercial clients:


DuTreat Series DuHandling Series DuHybrid Series
  • Operates on electricity alone –
    no other hookups required
  • Easy Installation
  • Optimal for direct replacement of aged/malfunctioning equipment or
    add-on to underperforming systems
  • Operates on renewable energy sources including waste heat & solar thermal energy to power dehumidification
  • Geothermal cooling can be used to reduce or eliminate need for chiller / cooling tower load
  • Ultimate in Sustainable Energy HVAC solution
  • Optimal combination of renewable energy & grid power
  • Provides continuous supply regardless of intermittency of renewable energy source for ultimate reliability
  • Intelligent controls to maximize use of renewable energy sources without compromising reliability of the system