DuHandling Series

Dehumidification & Cooling powered by Renewable Energy

The DuHandling series (DH) uses hot and cold water as its primary energy source. The desiccant solution is cooled in the moisture collection process and heated to moisture exhaust in the regeneration section.

A flexible range of water supply temperatures enable the usage of renewable and sustainable energy sources such as: Solar thermal systems, Cogeneration waste heat and Chillers waste heat.

Improved Comfort Conditions

  • No need to overcool the air for removal of moisture / latent load.
  • Lower Initial Cost

  • Smaller chiller and simpler installation are required.
  • Lower Operational Cost

  • No compressor and smaller chiller.
  • DuHandling Features

    • Lower Operational Cost
    • Lower Initial Cost
    • Improved Comfort

    The Advantages Are Built In

    • Dehumidification
    • Particle Removal
    • Cooling (optional heating)
    • Disinfecting (91± 5% of the airborne microorganism are eliminated)
    • Improved IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)

    Technical Specifications

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